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We’ve been listening to what you, our valued customer, has been telling us and, as a result, are making the most significant changes to our business in the history of Ultima.

You are the kitchen experts, and now, having taken on board your comments, we’re changing with a whole new approach to sales, distribution and after sales care.

With genuine promotions and sales initiatives tailored to you, we want to improve your business.

We're just starting the journey. Come along for the ride...

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Kitchens are our passion and manufacturing is our soul.

Our kitchens are crafted with distinction, that's not true of every kitchen. Looks can be deceptive; if you look a little deeper you'll start to understand why.

The frames of our wooden shaker doors are made from solid kiln dried timbers unlike some manufacturers. We don't use laminates

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Benefits of using the free Ultima online ordering system

Access to our simple to use online sales and ordering package
By signing up to our free online sales and ordering system you will have access to a whole range of resources not previously available. You’ll be able to quickly create quotes and orders more efficiently. You can also easily switch quotes between product ranges to allow you to price a kitchen design in a selection of ranges.
Faster deliveries and more delivery options
Our online ordering system will allow us to speed up the processing of your orders as we will have access to your order information quicker and in an electronic format. In time we will also be able to offer you a speedier delivery service on certain products. We will also be offering a greater range of delivery options for orders placed online.
More efficient after sales and remedials process
A full time dedicated after sales team are now in place to allow us to deal with any potential remedial issues in a swift and efficiently manner. By logging any potential issues via our online after sales function they can be dealt with very quickly. This area will also create a full log of the date an issue was raised, any photos uploaded and also our responses.
Business Support
Development of the Ultima website using our in house web marketing team to generate more leads in your local area that we can direct right to your door! The production of more printed material and sample packs to aid in presentation to your customers.
Exclusive tailored product promotions
Through use of our on line service we can offer you tailor product promotions based on your order history. This will allow us to offer promotions and incentives that are more relevant to your business.
Digital Support
Within our online system you will have access to a range of digital media. This media is currently being created but will include interactive product videos and downloads. Some of this media will also be able to be personalised to for your business, including your logo and business details etc.
Ultima dealer finder service – we'll direct customers in your area to your door
We'll increase the footfall of your showroom by directing potential customers to you via our online dealer locater function.
Consumer Promotions
Regular promotional offers that you can make available to your customers to help close sales or counteract seasonal sales trends.
Option for branded or unbranded sales literature
The majority of future printed and digital media production will be available via our online portal with or without Ultima branding. So future brochures could have your name on them instead of ours if you like!
Regular communications
We'll interact with you more via the on line portal to keep you up to speed with current promotions, new products and services etc.
Faster sample service
Fast moving product ranges will be stocked in popular colours allowing us to deliver samples to you much quicker.
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We've been listening to what you, our valued customer, has been telling us and, as a result, are making the most significant changes to our business in the history of Ultima.

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